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“He was an absolute monster: the kind you would watch in a horror movie.

He was terrifying and completely overpowering in every single way.” The morning of January 4, Alicia was chained to the floor with a leather collar around her neck.

The next morning the informant called back and gave investigator’s Tyree’s Yahoo screen name: “masterforteenslavegirls.” Using this information, investigators reached a Yahoo vice president in California requesting the IP (Internet Protocol) address. Entering her room they found her, stood her up, and draped her in a coat to cover her nakedness.

And after placing a call to Verizon representatives in Texas, at a.m. Alicia remembers the moment she heard the pounding at the door. And then—as she says in her 2007 testimony before Congress—”Then I saw the most beautiful letters in the alphabet—FBI—in bold yellow on the backs of their jackets.

He seemed to be there for her, waiting on the other end of her computer whenever she needed him.

If she got in a fight with her mom, Tyree was there to take her side.

As she told me the details of her story, she never once said his name.

She only referred to him as “the monster.” She recounted for me the details of her four-day-long nightmare.

Finally, late that night, Scott Tyree arrived with his captive at his home in Herndon, Virginia. There she could see sadistic devices hanging on the wall.

And over the next several days Tyree would rape her, beat her, and share images of his new sex slave to his buddies over the Internet.

It has been 10 years since Tyree abducted Alicia outside her home on New Year’s Day, 2002.

Before leaving for work at Computer Associates International, Tyree looked into her eyes and said, “Alicia, I’m beginning to like you too much.

Tonight we’re going to go for a ride.” Alicia believed this would be the last day of her life. The night of her abduction, shortly after arriving home, Tyree posted an instant message to an online friend in Tampa, Florida: “I got one.” He then posted a picture of Alicia using his webcam.

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