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Much of this was due to a revival of manufacturing related to the energy sector, particularly in refining…

It is the fourth attempt by students to organize a student-run radio station at MTSU.

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It also began broadcasting constantly with a mix of automation and live personalities. WMTS started out as a small group wanting to create a voice for the students of MTSU.

The old call sign "WNAR" was changed to "WMTS" that Fall: 810 WMTS (now WAPB) in Murfreesboro donated the call letters.

We extend a special welcome to our students who are attending Winslow Middle School for the first time...

The Sentinel WMTS (Web Map Tile Service) service conforms to the WMTS standard.

They felt the WMTS call sign better fit MTSU's station.

In August 1995, WMTS began normal operation at 200 Watts.

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