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' to which she replied, 'Not the last time I looked, no!

Asking her how it felt to be plagued by constant rumours about her personal life, Danniella insisted she brushes it off, saying, 'My agent was laughing [about the pregnancy claims last night.'Danniella stopped off the Good Morning Britain studios to discuss her recovery from addiction, her recent stint in rehab and her surgery.

She flew to Poland earlier this year, enduring six hours of surgery to stop her face from collapsing after years of drug abuse.

Speaking to Jeremy and Kate, she said: 'I've got osteoporosis on my face from having veneers. As the bone disintegrates, the skin just drops, so they had to tighten it up.

Continuing the trend of seasonal beers we brew and release Samuel Adams Winter Lager, a dark wheat bock subtly spiced with fresh ground cinnamon, ginger & orange peel for a deep, smooth flavor and malty finish.

As a result of the barrel aging experiment, Samuel Adams Triple Bock is the first “Extreme Beer” served at the Great American Beer Festival.

We release Samuel Adams October Fest for the first time, celebrating the 200 year old Munich tradition.

I cannot even accept a raw transaction without making any updates to it's category or memo field. Dana I've been having this same issue on and off for awhile. Quicken keeps saying "Please enter a valid date" and seems to constantly fail.

Speaking on the show, she said: 'If you believe everything you read in the papers, apparently today I'm pregnant', before adding, 'I'm just fat at the moment...

because I'm happy.'Probing further, Jeremy bluntly asked her, 'Are you pregnant?

I updated my accounts and downloaded transactions are shown, but I cannot accept them - keeps asking for a valid date.

Even if I try to manually enter the date as shown on the download, it repeats the request for valid date.

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