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I’m just surprised,” he says, voice trailing off to a whisper. Once again, he expects straight, but I arrive curly. Not sure if his is a happy-to-finally-meet-you smile or I’m-in-shock-and-don’t-know-what-to-say smile. After a breezy, hour-long trail ride, we have brunch at a tiny French bistro. I’m waiting outside the restaurant with stick-straight locks. Bachelor #5: Sales Executive The next morning, I head out for a horseback ride with a new date. But I’ve learned it’s also what you bring to the surface that really shines through.I couldn't help it, I was hungry so I just got two Doritos out of the bag on my dresser and ate them.

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Since he thinks curls are sexy, maybe he assumed curlies (even disguised by a flat iron) are more flirtatious than our naturally straight counterparts.

We order drinks and he finally seems to relax, as he shares stories of his mountain-climbing adventures. But we never quite recover from that fumbled first impression. The focus turns to fitness and nutrition, which he acknowledges is very important to me. “Whether it’s curly or straight, it doesn’t matter—as long as there’s enough hair to hold onto! I laugh, not quite knowing how to respond to that one. Then, finally, one response catches my eye and interest.

Uncomfortable, I quickly change the subject and turn the attention to him and the hobbies listed in his profile. Still not a peep about my hair, until I speak about it. Curls are “exotic looking” and, like most of my dates, he seems unfazed.

“So, which do you prefer, a woman with curly or straight hair?

He begrudgingly admits to leaning on the straight side. I’m more nervous now, but there’s no time to think.

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