Updating packages in ubuntu

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In some cases simply having the firewall installed looks to block access.Administrator privileges in Windows are required to run ping in WSL.If this happens the Windows feature must be re-enabled.Instructions for enabling the Windows Subsystem for Linux can be found in the Installation Guide.I did this, and it gave me a 404 error when I clicked on "Check" in the Update Manager.I tried switching my server back to the main one (and after that, several other ones), but I am now still getting a 404 error: And the other error I get when downloading or updating: Edit: Output of deb-src precise main restricted #Added by software-properties # See Notes for how to upgrade to # newer versions of the distribution.

## This software is not part of Ubuntu, but is offered by Canonical and the ## respective vendors as a service to Ubuntu users.

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It is a horrible (non-useful) error message I must say in this case.

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