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The hidden microphones and listening devices allowed the British military (MI19) to gather important information and an intimate insight into the minds of the German military elite.

An example of the intelligence gained from Trent Park is the existence and location of the German rocket development at Peenemünde Army Research Center, when General von Thoma discussed what he had seen there.

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Stylistic differences between the two houses illustrate changes in taste among members of British high society of the period.

Trent Park possessed a landscape designed by Humphrey Repton but the existing house was Victorian and undistinguished.

while Philip himself flitted from group to group, an alert, watchful, influential but unobtrusive stage director – all set against a background of mingled luxury, simplicity and informality, brilliantly contrived..." In the words of Christopher Hussey, at Trent, Sassoon caught "that indefinable and elusive quality, the spirit of a country house...

an essence of cool, flowery, chintzy, elegant, unobtrusive rooms that rises in the mind when we are thinking of country houses." German officers at Trent Park Back row from left to right: Generalleutnant Otto Elfeldt, Generalleutnant Ferdinand Heim, Generalmajor Gerhard Bassenge Front row from left to right: Generalleutnant Friedrich Freiherr von Broich, General der Panzertruppe Heinrich Eberbach, Generalleutnant Georg Neuffer, Oberst Hans Reimann Another photo of German officers at Trent Park Back row from left to right: General der Infantrie Dietrich von Choltitz, Oberst Gerhard Wilck, General der Fallschirmtruppe Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke, Generalmajor Kurt Eberding, Oberst Eberhard Wildermuth Front row from left to right: Generalleutnant Rüdiger von Heyking, Generalleutnant Karl-Wilhelm von Schlieben, Generalleutnant Wilhelm Daser During the Second World War, Trent Park was used as a centre to extract information from captured German officers.

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