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The first international Cross Fit competition in 2007 had 70 registered athletes competing for a prize of 0.

Just 10 years later the Games had more than 300,000 athletes competing to win 5,000.

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Prior research shows that the prevalence of doping among professional athletes is between 14 and 39 percent, with some sports having higher instances than others.Because lactic acid is linked to muscle soreness, athletes can use the drug it to bypass discomfort after a hard workout, making training more effective.'I can't say whether or not it does anything it shouldn't or that it 's bad in any way.It could be completely safe,' Dr Jeffrey Kohn, a New York City cardiologist told Daily Mail Online.'But in the US it's not well studied enough and there have not been enough trials for it to be approved by the FDA.'Dr Kohn also said that while he doesn't know a whole lot about the drug itself, he has heard of it being used by athletes and assumes it is related to how it improves cell metabolism.Using Cross Fit as an example, The Conversation looked at 123 competitors.Cross Fit is a high-intensity fitness regime that incorporates elements from several sports and types of exercise .

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