Steps validating questionnaire

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J Can Res Ther [serial online] 2015 [cited 2018 Feb 6];-36. 2015/11/1/29/146117 Physiotherapy, incorporating early intervention and community follow-up, can contribute significantly to the maintenance of functional independence and quality of life among patients receiving palliative care.

Content equivalence ensures that all questions asked have salience in the local context and culture.Analysis and Results: The psychometric properties of the three regional language versions of the questionnaire for cancer patients employed during rehabilitation were good.Cognitive debriefing showed the regional language versions to be clear, relevant and comprehensive.Guidelines have been discussed by Flaherty and colleagues to check for five equivalences (content, semantic, technical, criterion and conceptual equivalence) while translating questionnaires from one language to another.It is important in this process that the translation produces a questionnaire which is not only comparable in terms of language (linguistic equivalence), but in particular, is conceptually comparable (conceptual equivalence) as well.

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