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But accusations and abusive comments were posted on various Salhouse community pages.Her signs started to go missing and she said one was even smeared with dog faeces.'I was ridiculed online and some were calling my children half-breeds' said Kerry, who has lived in Salhouse for around 20 years.The council also accused her of parking near Prima Rosa and staring into the cafe to 'intimidate' the owners - something she is now banned from doing but which she denies has ever happened.'The conditions of the CPN are just ridiculous - the ban means I cannot drive down the road in case I look at Prima Rosa.'It's crazy because I need to look left, which is where Prima Rosa is, to pull up safely outside my property.'The order means she cannot stare directly into Prima Rosa from any vehicle, moving or stationary, enter Prima Rosa for any purpose or take photographs of customers or friends of Prima Rosa without permission.Radley has appealed against the order and a court hearing is scheduled for February 1.

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She briefly closed the shop at the start of this year before re-opening in May, but after the council began investigating the allegations, she closed again in September.'It was meant to be something for the community.We favored smaller towns and quiet lakes/mountains/beaches to make it seem more like a "getaway," and tried to steer clear of experiences that hinged too heavily on one really kick-ass resort.(Though we certainly dug into some hotel recs.) Enjoy your stay, and be sure to tip your B&B hosts well: activities for you and your your frat bros (Hangout Fest!The parish council received complaints the cafe owner had been intimidating customers from Prima Rosa, which is run by a councillor.As a result, mother-of-three Radley, 45, has been slapped with a Community Protection Order by the local authority which stops her even looking at her business rival - a ban she has described as bonkers.

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