Questions to ask men before dating Hookup date

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To figure out what each of you prefers, Steinberg suggests asking simple questions like, "What is the most loving thing someone has ever done for you?" and "How do you truly know if someone cares about you?In-laws can either give incredible support that's invaluable to a relationship, or break it apart.It's up to the couple to set that boundary and establish from the get-go that you are a team." And if there isn't any tension between you and your in-laws (holla! "Emphasize the positives, telling your future mother-in-law things like, 'I'm so grateful for you — I hear , and I really appreciate how much you've allowed us to find our own way and establish our own rituals,'" shesays.That way, if a problem does come up in your relationship, they'll be more likely to view things from a more impartial perspective.Plus, "introducing each other to the important people in your lives is a sign of trust and intimacy," says Steinberg, so taking that step is proof you two are fully integrating each other into your lives.A common mistake guys make: siding with his mother over his partner, or allowing himself to be put in the middle, says Fields.

If one of you grew up seeing your dad take care of the lawn while your mom handled the social calendar and doctor appointments, it's likely you'll naturally step into — and expect your partner to step into — the same role, says Parrott.

Whether you've been coupled up for a few months or a few years, if you have images of bridesmaid dresses, venue options, and pretty little flowers dancing around in your head, it's time to get down to business.

Because, yes, a wedding is fun to plan — though it can drive some brides to the near end of crazy — but it's not all you need to plan for.

"Along with money, in-laws are the topic that usually creates the most conflict and even pushes couples into divorce," says Fields.

"People don't understand that once you get married, you're transitioning as a couple — and that includes becoming your own family that, in some ways, is separate from your individual families." That includes setting your own traditions when it comes to holidays, raising children, and making day-to-day decisions.

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