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The object of this study is not to treat the man as a whole, but to endeavour to place him in the general scheme of psychic unfolding treated in this work, from which his own Church in its narrowness would withhold him.Swedenborg was a contradiction in some ways to our psychic generalizations, for it has been the habit to say that great intellect stands in the way of personal psychic experience.But as an invasion might well be preceded by the appearance of pioneers who search out the land, so the spirit influx of recent years was heralded by a number of incidents which might well be traced to the Middle Ages or beyond them.Some term must be fixed for a commencement of the narrative, and perhaps no better one can be found than the story of the great Swedish seer, Emanuel Swedenborg, who has some claim to be the father of our new knowledge of supernal matters.THIS work has grown from small disconnected chapters into a narrative which covers in a way the whole history of the Spiritualistic movement. I had written certain studies with no particular ulterior object save to gain myself, and to pass on to others, a clear view of what seemed to me to be important episodes in the modern spiritual development of the human race. These were all done before it was suggested to my mind that I had already gone some distance in doing a fuller history of the Spiritualistic movement than had hitherto seen the light—a history which would have the advantage of being written from the inside and with intimate personal knowledge of those factors which are characteristic of this modern development.These included the chapters on Swedenborg, on Irving, on A. Davis, on the Hydesville incident, on the history of the Fox sisters, on the Eddys and on the life of D. It is indeed curious that this movement, which many of us regard as the most important in the history of the world since the Christ episode, has never had a historian from those who were within it, and who had large personal experience of its development. Frank Podmore brought together a large number of the facts, and, by ignoring those which did not suit his purpose, endeavoured to suggest the worthlessness of most of the rest, especially the physical phenomena, which in his view were mainly the result of fraud. Mc Cabe which turns everything to fraud, and which is itself a misnomer, since the public would buy a book with such a title under the impression that it was a serious record instead of a travesty. Arthur Hill which is written from a strictly psychic research point of view, and is far behind the real provable facts.Finally—and best of all —there is "Man's Survival After Death," by the Rev. Tweedale; but this is rather a very fine connected exposition of the truth of the cult than a deliberate consecutive history.

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He was a great authority upon astronomy and physics, the author of learned works upon the tides and the determination of latitude. He was a financier and political economist who anticipated the conclusions of Adam Smith.To illustrate this one has to consider the two categories into which his work may be divided. This seems to most people outside the chosen flock a useless and perilous side of his work.On the one hand he accepts the Bible as being in a very particular sense the work of God.Never was there such a concentration of information.He was primarily a great mining engineer and authority on metallurgy.

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