Dating customs in cina

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Also, the combination of snippets of varying quality, and from different cultures, may sometimes build up to an overall impression more convincing than the individual parts.Sources are of very variable quality - sometimes tertiary or even more distant from the first hand accounts, but we have tended to include interesting assertions, using the best references to hand, and allow the reader to discriminate.pre-Qin [-221 BCE]: the Southern Yue people, in the vicinity of Guangzhou, sourced goods such as rhinoceros horns, ivory and jewels through maritime trade.By the time of the Nanyue kingdom (203-111 BCE), Guangzhou was an established trade centre.118 BCE: Ptolemy VIII appointed Eudoxus of Cyzicus to lead a voyage from Egypt to India, guided by an Indian who had been shipwrecked in Egypt.

An Indian delegation had visited Augustus in 25 BCE (and another in 21 BCE). Wheeler, 'Arikamedu: an Indo-Roman trading station on the east coast of India', Ancient India 2 (1946): 19.Contributions and suggestions are welcome: please send them to [email protected] of discovered shipwrecks are highlighted in bold.ISSN 1864-6018, BCE: Various vessels had been developed for battles on inland waters in the Chinese states of Wu and Chu.One type was 24 metres long and carried 91 people, including 50 oarsmen, 26 soldiers, 4 men with long lances or similar weapons, 2 officers, etc.

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