Battlefield bad company 2 weapons and gadgets not updating

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And while ground combat is particularly stirring, vehicles still play a role, though not as vital or varied as in the previous visit to this setting: Battlefield Vietnam.On the Phu Bai map, Huey gunships are a formidable presence.On the downside, you have access to almost every Vietnam weapon from the get-go, so there's less sense of forward progress in the metagame than in the core game.Of course, if you've already reached maximum rank, you're here not for the unlockables but for the enjoyment.

This shift in focus makes BC2 Vietnam feel terrifically fresh, and the new maps do their part to keep firefights intense while rewarding careful teamwork.Getting flamed by a talented player causes your health to dissipate rapidly, though you can jump into the water if there's a lake or river nearby.) There are three other maps in addition to Hill 137, with a fifth due to unlock once the player base has committed 69 million total team actions.On Cao Son Temple, a waterway winds around, giving you a back way into unprotected capture points.On Vantage Point, a flame-spewing M48 Patton tank can be your best friend, especially given that antitank weapons are less varied.(The RPG-7 is the only real standby in this regard.) On the same map, a narrow bridge and a capture point at a central high ground keep the action focused and provide ample opportunities for both snipers and engineers to get down to business, provided other infantry offer the proper support.

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